Welcome to Practical Strategies

At Practical Strategies we build quality software solutions and provide impactful analytical services with a customer centered focus. 

Our agile process focuses on providing you with the highest value features at the earliest possible time.  We also strive to provide the lowest cost we can while never eroding the quality you receive.  We often work with small and mid-sized organizations creating valuable technology and information that helps drive success.

Using state of the art processes and technologies combined with our high quality work ethic we deliver the business value that you need in a reasonable time frame.  We deliver the highest possible software development value at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.  Our expertise includes Ruby, Ruby on Rails, C++, php, Java, C#, Android, major database platforms and various analytical tools.

All of our customers are satisfied and we will keep it that way.  We look forward to satisfying your software development, Internet marketing, or analytical services needs.