C++ Expertise

C++ can be a great choice for applications that require speed and flexibility or access to system services. It is a very large and involved language that requires experts to reduce the problem to a simple manageable solution.

At Practical Strategies we have over 20 years of proven C++ experience, from the STL to Boost (including the understandings about copy constructors and assignment operators) we know all about C++ and how to create high performance, tested code that reads nicely and is well structured to meet your organizations needs. We have successfully delighted users with:

  • high performance trading platforms
  • data mining applications
  • turnkey applications

At Practical Strategies, we provide skilled managers to communicate with you in an effective and efficient manner to receive requirements and ask excellent question as well to clarify your desires and point out less expensive approaches to meeting your need. Then we manage the whole process and provide you with a quality tested result for a very reasonable price.  If you hire a C++ programmer you have to work with that programmer, communicate the needs, verify the results and manage the process.