Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a double-edged sword these days.  On one hand, many companies can reach their prospects far more cost effectively using the Internet.  On the other hand, there are a lot of false promises and misinformation provided by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) companies.  At Practical Strategies, we believe one of the most important qualities of an Internet Marketing provider is trust.  As such, we focus only on solutions that we can effectively provide and refer to others in situations where a different provider may be more helpful.

Practical Strategies can help you:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the keywords you shoudl be targeting
  • Develop a cost-effective website that is user-friendly, professional looking and SEO-friendly
  • Implement cost-effective SEO strategies
  • Develop and maintain effective Google AdWords campaigns

Our Internet Marketing approach consists of three core philosophies:

  • Keywords are critical.  You obviously have deep knowledge of your products and/or services but do you REALLY know what people type in the search engine when they try to find or learn more about them?  Which ones are searched the most?  Why ones are often part of other searches?  At Practical Strategies, we believe it's important to develop a through understanding of potential keywords before undertaking any time of Internet Marketing.  And just as importantly, it's important to track your efforts effectively and refine things over time since the customer is the one that ultimately tells you what works best.
  • SEO usually is an important long-term strategy.  High organic search rankings (the results in Google that don't say "Sponsored Links") can be a very effective long-term strategy -- prospects find you for free!  Achieving those high rankings, however, is never guaranteed and can take time and effort.  While there are many complexities associated with SEO, it boils down to three important elements:
    • How competitive are your keywords?  For example, it's much easier to achieve higher local rankings (e.g., Lincoln Park tailor) than something generic (e.g., good tailor)
    • Content still matters.  Google focused on giving searchers relevant results, so you should have pages delivering engaging, useful, interesting and SEO-friendly information
    • How popular are you?  Just as you'd typically ask a friend with good taste for a recommendation for a restaurant, Google values links to your site from other pages that it considers relevant.
  • Paid-advertising often has a place.  Google AdWords in effectively an online auction allowing you to achieve whatever rank you want, provided you're willing to pay enough for it.  In addition, it can provide a feedback loop that every marketer dreams about.

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