The Agile Process for High Quality

Software Development is hard.  Writing code is hard. Creating a system is hard.  At Practical Strategies we use a customized agile process to reliably deliver business value to our customers. This allows us to deliver high quality results that delight customers.

We use Agile approaches including:

  • Short Iterations 
  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Refactoring
  • Simple Design
  • Daily Stand Up meeting
  • Asking really good questions before estimating
  • Early and continuous Feedback
  • Collective Code Ownership

Practical Strategies offers consulting services to help organizations improve software development or other business process effectiveness or to provide additional expertise when grappling with difficult architectural challenges. Agile software development methods we use include:

  • Test driven design
  • Agile planning methods
  • Agile requirements gathering methods
  • Software configuration management
  • Release management
  • Issue tracking
  • customer support
  • Third-party tool evaluations

While we are flexible in our approach to suit our customer's perferences, we have found agile processes significantly increasing the value that businesses leverage from their software.