Project Management

Many technology projects either are delayed, over budget or fail altogether due to project management issues.  The primary cause for these issues is that it can be very difficult to locate a project management resource that can be effective, let alone excel, in all of the demands place on them:

  • Another well managed meeting!Communicate effectively with senior management.  Do we have a good understanding of the primary goals for the project?  What aspects are critical?  Which ones are nice to have?  If we encounter issues along the way (and there are always issues), how can we adjust to maximize value to the business (sooner rather than later) and minimize disruption.
  • Effectively coordinate the project and team members. it's amazing how helpful it can be to have an agenda for meetings, to moderate meetings them effectively and to making sure staff are aware of next steps.  In these days of distributed teams and overloaded IT experts, it's critical to make it is easy for team members to collaborate through whatever approaches works well for the team -- a solution for some teams may not work for others.
  • Understand the technology "enough".  While the project manager does not need to be an expert, they should understand enough to ask intelligent questions and to engage the right resources when needed.
  • Be smart about how you approach the project.  While we leverage agile development practices for OUR technology development, one must be pragmatic when applying it to different projects and teams.  A good project manager will seek opportunities to provide value sooner rather than later and to give end-users as much opportunity to "play around" with early versions in order to provide input.

Practical Strategies Can Solve Your Technical Project Management Challenges

The principles at Practical Stategies have over 40 years combined experience managing or working on technology projects, on both the business side and the technology side.  This gives us a unique ability to provide a project management resource for you that can help drive your project to successful completion, delivering results in the fastest time possible and ensure that your goals are met as effectively as possible given your constraints.  If it's important to you that the project is sucessful and you don't have appropriate resources to fill the project manager role, we can be a key resource for your team.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you solve your project management challenges.